Bucket List

Life is short. It really is. I feel that there is never going to be enough time for me to do everything I long to do. So I thought about prioritising, about listing  every single thing that could ever make my life complete. This list goes through 100 of these goals. Some of it has been done, some could be done today, and some are going to be challenging to say the least. I see it as some sort of guidelines to make my life matter and count, to never hold any regrets when standing on the edge of my grave.

Remember, it’s all about the journey, that’s why I’m going to make mine count.

  1. Live abroad
  2. Learn Spanish and speak it regularly
  3. Live in New York City for at least a year
  4. Go swimming on a rooftop pool
  5. Take a road trip across the States on route 66
  6. Get with C. (my current boyfriend)
  7. Graduate from college and throw that freaking hat up in the air
  8. See the Sphinx and Egyptian pyramids
  9. Visit the Treasure in Jordan
  10. Swim (or rather float) on the Dead Sea
  11. Drink Turkish coffee in Istanbul and play backgammon
  12. Visit every continent
  13. See the Great Wall of China
  14. Trek the Inca Trail
  15. Gamble money in Vegas (and preferably win)
  16. Have the perfect wedding and the happiest marriage
  17. Ride a tram in San Francisco
  18. Eat at an authentic American dinner in a remote American town (with ideally Elvis Presley playing in the background)
  19. Go hiking down the Pacific Crest Trail
  20. Go skydiving
  21. Indulge in wine tasting in Bourgogne and New-Zealand
  22. Indulge in wine tasting in Cape Town
  23. Indulge in wine tasting in Loire Valley (yes I LOOOOVE wine)
  24. Go picnic in Loire Valley
  25. Celebrate the festival of Holy Colours in India
  26. Climb Mount Everest to base camp
  27. Take acting classes for fun
  28. Tour the Savannah in central Africa
  29. Celebrate Carnival in Venice
  30. Smoke a cigar in Havana
  31. Learn how to sail
  32. Sail across the Atlantic
  33. Practice tennis regularly
  34. Eat sushi and Ramen in central Tokyo
  35. Eat a BiBimBap leg crossed in a traditional Korean restaurant in Seoul
  36. Witness the cherry tree blossom in a Japanese parks
  37. Go play in a video game arcade venue in Tokyo
  38. Visit a Cat Café in Tokyo
  39. Play baseball on top of a building in Tokyo
  40. Sing Karaoke in Seoul
  41. Go to a strip joint in Bangkok (and dance on stage)
  42. Learn oil painting
  43. Take cooking classes
  44. Stop smoking (in progress)
  45. Swim with dolphins
  46. Learn professional photography
  47. Party my ass off in Ibiza
  48. Clap as the sun set in the sea from Café del Mar
  49. Go on a 3-day bender in Berlin
  50. Run a half-marathon
  51. Learn scuba diving
  52. Snorkel to see the Great Barrier Reef
  53. Go snowboarding in Vancouver
  54. Go horseback riding on the beach
  55. Learn rock climbing on a Corsican mountain face
  56. Go hiking in Corsica
  57. Save someone’s life
  58. Witness a natural disaster and survive it
  59. Sunbathe in the Maldives
  60. Drink whiskey buckets on a Thai beach
  61. Get pregnant, give birth and raise a child
  62. Be the best I can be for my kid, the most inspiring, creative, entertaining and loving mother
  63. Buy a vineyard in the South of France and produce my own wine (kind of my retirement plan)
  64. Breed lots of farm animals (especially goats, ducks and chickens and potentially make my own goat cheese)
  65. Grow and cultivate my own food
  66. Learn how to drive
  67. Drive an Aston Martin DB5
  68. Go backpacking across South East India
  69. Take the Orient Express
  70. See all the Star Wars back to back (will have to wait for the new ones to tick this one off)
  71. Witness the Northern Lights
  72. Go dog sledding in Northern territories
  73. Go ice-skating on a frozen lake
  74. Bathe naked under a waterfall
  75. Climb up the Empire State Building
  76. Fly a plane
  77. Go rollerblading on Santa Monica Boulevard
  78. Go see a Broadway show
  79. Get my first real job
  80. Get a tattoo (got 2 in the end)
  81. Get a flight to a random destination
  82. Witness a perfect night sky
  83. Complete a run for charity
  84. Blow up dynamite
  85. Go to an Ice Bar
  86. Drink a bloody Mary at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris
  87. Eat a burger at Ferburger in Queenstown
  88. See Daft Punk Live
  89. Practice a combat sport
  90. Participate in the Vegas WPT
  91. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  92. Take a ride on an elephant
  93. Watch a movie in a drive in cinema
  94. Be someone’s bridesmaid
  95. Go to a masquerade ball
  96. Eat an authentic Italian Pizza in Italy
  97. Eat curry with my bare hands in India
  98. Attend Oktoberfest in Munich
  99. Witness an active volcano
  100. Be at peace with my father’s passing



  1. Merci Mathilde pour avoir lu et aimé plusieurs de mes articles sur mon blog. 🙂

    Je dois vous avouez que j’ai souris en lisant votre liste qui demeure une très bonne idée.
    Je vais peut être en faire une aussi mais sans doute privée.
    J’imagine que cette liste numérotés ne tient pas compte de vos priorités.
    Sinon avoir un enfant en 61e position m’a fait bien rire. 😀
    C’est des rêves de jeunesse, ils en faut. Certains pourront vous sembler futile avec plus de maturité.
    J’ai vu récemment une vidéo en anglais d’un grand voyageur.
    L’art de l’immobilité :

    Ah enfin, je vous conseille d’apprendre l’italien au lieu de l’espagnol pour vous régaler de la comedie italienne en VO avec son “home cinéma”.

    Liked by 1 person

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