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On the verge of adulthood

“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them”. Dr. Seuss As some of you may already know, I’m 29 years old. I think it is safe to say that what most people expect from me at this age is a reliable and responsible attitude, one of an adult that is. Hence, my age must clearly define me as a grown up, I mean obviously I cannot still be a teen in my late twenties. So how come I’m miles away from feeling like one? As a kid, I use to think that the day I’ll turn 18 (legal drinking age in France), would be the day I’ll be forced into adulthood. Couldn’t have been more wrong… The only thing that happened on that day was waking up with one of the biggest hangover of my life, as if someone was smashing my head with a shovel. I thought perhaps it isn’t our age that defines our maturity, but rather our actions. At the top of my head I’m thinking of the usual drill: driving, paying bills, …

Hi there!

Hello everyone, I’m Mathilde, 29 years old, french and living in Nantes. The idea behind ‘a french girl in France’ is to offer a french perspective on what this country is really about. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of blogs out there on the beautiful country that is France, but most english written ones are by foreigners. This time you’ll be able to discover it through the lenses of a native, born and raised in Paris, now living in Nantes. From food to culture, art to literature and travels to experiences,  this lifestyle blog will make you feel as if you’re right there with me. So that’s me and I am thrilled to be soon sharing with you the ups and downs of ‘a french girl in France’. Stay tuned.