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The place we call home

“Paris is always a good idea.” Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina It should be noted that only Parisians are allowed to complain about Paris. No one else. Not even French people. Actually, especially French people. For those who travelled to France or lived there, you probably noticed that Paris and the rest of the country haven’t got much in common. We don’t look, speak or even think the same way. That said people’s attitude is probably what varies the most. Yes I know, Paris is far from perfect, believe me I experienced the finest as well as the unsettling and plain weird. But you’d have to live there for many years just to get a realistic overview of its qualities and flaws and to earn the right to bitch about it. The latter should nonetheless be done in an objective and respectful manner. I say respectfully because no matter what my feelings are at the time, I’ll always be in love with this city. Paris to me is just like with every great love, it’s complicated. My hairdresser the other …

Hi there!

Hello everyone, I’m Mathilde, 29 years old, french and living in Nantes. The idea behind ‘a french girl in France’ is to offer a french perspective on what this country is really about. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of blogs out there on the beautiful country that is France, but most english written ones are by foreigners. This time you’ll be able to discover it through the lenses of a native, born and raised in Paris, now living in Nantes. From food to culture, art to literature and travels to experiences,  this lifestyle blog will make you feel as if you’re right there with me. So that’s me and I am thrilled to be soon sharing with you the ups and downs of ‘a french girl in France’. Stay tuned.