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My enchanting commute through Loire Valley

In August 2015 my boyfriend and I moved to Nantes after having lived for three years in the Hague. Neither one of us could understand a word of what people said (actually, it was just me), so coming back to France felt quite refreshing. I can hear you think,  3 years and she didn’t learn any Dutch? Well it wasn’t a lack of trying, I actually followed an optional class at university when I arrived. But even with academic support, I found that language extremely difficult to grasp. I remember my first attempt to speak it: I was out with my friends and ordered a beer in dutch. Two minutes later the waitress came back with a green tea. That’s how bad my pronunciation was. After that it felt more efficient to just stick with English. It’s been 6 month now, time flies so quickly… I’m finalising an internship in Angers, but as I live in Nantes, I have an hour commute to get there. And this is where I am writing you from, the 8:47 train, heading towards Saumur.  I just wanted to …

Hi there!

Hello everyone, I’m Mathilde, 29 years old, french and living in Nantes. The idea behind ‘a french girl in France’ is to offer a french perspective on what this country is really about. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of blogs out there on the beautiful country that is France, but most english written ones are by foreigners. This time you’ll be able to discover it through the lenses of a native, born and raised in Paris, now living in Nantes. From food to culture, art to literature and travels to experiences,  this lifestyle blog will make you feel as if you’re right there with me. So that’s me and I am thrilled to be soon sharing with you the ups and downs of ‘a french girl in France’. Stay tuned.